New, first of a kind, digital operating platform for the independent wine sector set to power growth

7th August 2020

The Hub provides the basis for fine wine merchants, retailers, brokers and importers to strengthen and grow their operations with a software platform capable of improving current operations and opening up new market opportunities.

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What’s the right IT system for your business?

15th July 2020

Nick Martin examines what type of investment wine companies should be looking to make to improve their back office, management and accounting support systems.

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Knight Frank – How valuable is fine wine as an asset class?

29th June 2020

The first quarter numbers for the Knight Frank Fine Wine Icons (KFFWII) have just been crunched. So what do they tell us? Focusing on the fine wine market, it’s once again proved remarkably resilient through the market turmoil of the first half of 2020. This begs the perennial question of correlation. Does the blue chip

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Evolution of Fine Wine Systems – From ERP to DOP

5th June 2020

In 2020 what makes a business software system effective? The ERP designs of the last 20 years are no longer fit for purpose, due to online being such a big driver of business growth. Business systems need to be more flexible and more connected. Enter the Digital Operating Platform (DOP), comprised of integrated solutions on a single platform capable of powering a business through the digital era. Flexible enough to respond to market opportunity and new operating models. Find out how the Wine Hub meets the success criteria for a DOP and can open up opportunities to develop your fine wine business.

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Leading storage provider Octavian deploys new customer platform powered by Wine Owners

21st May 2020

Wine Owners provides software solutions for more than a dozen fine wine warehouses worldwide. Octavian is the latest, and largest single-site, wine warehouse to embrace the technology with the launch of a new service called MyCellarportal.

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Nick Martin on how Wine Owners can help transform fine wine merchants

21st May 2020

In his wide-ranging interview with Richard Siddle, Nick Martin (co-founder of Wine Owners) explains how it all started, and how our software as a service (SaaS) platform broadened as businesses approached us to solve their wine-specific challenges

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Inventorying best practise

3rd December 2019

With the most demanding of clients, and a desire to offer the best possible service in an increasingly competitive market, what identifiers associated with inventorying should a wine warehouse consider?

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Tariffs to hurt the fine wine market and how to mitigate their effect

4th November 2019

From 18th October French, Spanish, German and UK wines were subjected to a 25% import tariff on wines less than 14° alcohol by volume (ABV). That lets off much of Spanish output and hotter Mediterranean regions.

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Should you be bending software into wine shape?

15th May 2019

Should you be bending software into wine shape or going a de-risked route, of a core business platform that’s specific to the business of wine?

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How wine tech can help you win new customers and keep them happy (and make you happy too).

3rd May 2019

What sort of things can tech help you do to put you in pole position, and provide an effective framework to execute your value-based, customer-centric business proposition?

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