The Liv-ex global marketplace is fully integrated with the Wine Hub business operating platform which allows for increased buying and selling opportunities for Liv-ex members.

As the leading global marketplace for the wine trade, Liv-ex is uniquely positioned to be both a sales channel, and a source of supply. It provides an integrated sales channel for a wine merchant’s owned stocks, as well as acting as a source of supply to be drawn from around £80M of exchange offers for sale.

Hub businesses can bid to buy and sell on the Liv-ex exchange from within the Hub, making it easier than ever to identify opportunities on either side of the 2-sided market. 

Merchants and retailers can increase the amount of stock offered for sale on Liv-ex out of Hub-managed inventories without worrying about overselling.

The Liv-ex market is filtered down to a subset that can be managed as virtual stock, and sold omnichannel including via the Hub Webshop, a state-of-the-art integrated e-commerce platform offered as an upgrade option to the Hub.

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Integrations include

Liv-ex current market price.

Commodity Codes and ABV data.

Retrieval of all Liv-ex offers and bids.

Retrieval of My Position.

Create and edit offers.

Push notifications from Liv-ex to the Wine Hub for changes.

Automated transaction processing.


Features & Benefits

View your position on the Liv-ex market from within the Hub, alongside your own inventory and client stored wines.

Helps you to identify more opportunities to buy and sell profitably.

Integrate with available, guaranteed offers of wine that you can offer for sale through your Hub Webshop.

Provides certainty of stock and status with which to increase the size of your wine list, test categories, increase visitor traffic.

Set up a seamless integration with your Hub Webshop to offer carefully filtered Liv-ex offers for sale through your e-commerce.

Back-to-back transactions processing out of your e-commerce in real time ensures you are not left exposed.

Integrate with a wide range of APIs from Liv-ex. Market pricing, commodity codes and alcohol by value are examples of Liv-ex’s expanding API set.

No need to research and add time-consuming information that’s required for import documentation.

Use Liv-ex data, with or instead of Wine-Searcher sourced Wine Owners market level pricing.

Accurately price retained stocks or brokered wines, optimise margin or identify arbitrage opportunities.

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