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Wine Hub is an industry-specific business operating system and inventory management platform for the wine and specialist drinks industry. 

Wine Hub offers an end-to-end, process-led approach for wine distribution. From supplier to end customer, every part of the buying and sales journey is addressed, allowing wine importers and distributors to be competitive in all markets.

Manage supply chain

Take control of your supply chain with the use of streamlined, adaptable purchasing workflows and easy access to real-time stock information and position.

Wine Hub manages all logistical activities around the import of wine and wine sales, allowing you to simply manage your inbound and outbound stock, reflecting all your costs accurately, forming the basis of accurate margin management and handling duties and taxes.

Manage your ex-cellar orders simply and efficiently through the use of direct-to-customer purchase orders, allowing you to earn your margin or commission without incurring the costs associated with landing stock.

Increase efficiency, get greater control and visibility over the movement of your stock, and minimise discrepancies throughout your entire inventory management process.

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Enhanced Shipment Management: dedicated workflow for inbound and outbound shipments. Communicate with shippers, inform suppliers about collection requirements, update warehouse information, and reconcile received stock with purchase orders.

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Goods In/Goods Out Management: enhance inventory visibility with a consolidated view of purchased and sold wines.

Improved sales, margin and customer service

Equips sales teams with the tools they need to deliver precise quotes, maximise sales opportunities, and provide exceptional service to clients while streamlining operations and underpinning a profitable wine business.

Optimise pricing strategies for each customer type, stay on top of payment management whilst integrating with your existing accounting system. Wine Hub will reflect any pricing strategy to fit the needs of all your markets. 

Participate in an ecosystem that allows trade clients to list your stock unrestricted by working capital constraints.

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Order management: strengthen supplier and customer relationships through streamlined order management workflows.

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Flexible Pricing and Discounts: Whether selling to the on or off-trade or direct to consumer via eCommerce, the Wine Hub has a solution that can accommodate each of your pricing needs.

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Manage working capital: use virtual stock functionality to offer wines for sale that you have access to but haven’t yet purchased to avoid tying up more working capital in stock than necessary.

Financial control and efficiency

Enhance cash flow management, reduce errors, and allocate payment responsibilities accurately with a robust suite of features designed to ensure control and efficiency.

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Efficient Payment Management: Simplified payment process with a part payment functionality. Easily track payment schedules, monitor payment history, and set up reminders for outstanding invoices.

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Accurate Tax Calculation: The Wine Hub’s database automatically calculates duty associated with any wine based on the current alcohol duty rates.

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Charges and costs: Set up default charges for purchase orders and sales orders, saving time and ensuring consistency by automatically applying predefined charges. Differentiate between additional charges and additional costs in your sales and purchase orders.

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The main plus of the system is the pricing structure. We have a very specific pricing structure set up on the Hub, so I don’t need to worry, I just key in the sales order and it’s done. Then if I want to change the sales order because we have say a special deal, the system is flexible enough to just update it and change the discount.

Halo Wines, Violaine Manac’h
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We love being able to drill down into individual producers, the status of wine, what we’ve shipped and what we haven’t, to clearly see what we’re working on, within purchase orders, differentiate them and assign stock to the right things. It’s so important to have that right, because if it’s gone, it’s gone.

Four Corners Wine, Matt Thompson
Halo Wines | Wine Hub | Wine business management software

Traceability is key. For instance we’re organic certified so we need to be able to trace a product from where it starts to where it’s going, so having a system where you can record every step of the way, add files to purchase and sales orders, that has been amazing.

Halo Wines, Violaine Manac’h

Hub Integrations

The Wine Hub includes all those core functions needed by wine business, along with integrations with best in class accounting packages, sales channels, bonded warehouses and more.

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Pro plus

From £1285 / month

For more complex or larger businesses with varied stock types, multichannel sales and 3rd party application integration needs.

  • Inclusive of up to 5 users
  • Unlimited sales orders
  • Unlimited purchase orders
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited wines inventoried
  • Up to 15,000 lines of virtual stock offered for sale
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From £885 / month

The choice of small to medium sized operating on multiple sales channels to market and paths to growth.

  • Inclusive of up to 4 users
  • Unlimited sales orders
  • Unlimited purchase orders
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited wines inventoried
  • Up to 2,000 lines of virtual stock offered for sale
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From £575 / month

The essentials you need to manage your business, unlimited transactions processing, integration with accounting, tools to manage data.

  • Inclusive of up to 3 users
  • Unlimited sales orders
  • Unlimited purchase orders
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Up to 2,000 wine entries inventoried
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We are here to help you succeed

Because we know wine, and understand wine data, going live with your new industry standard business management system is straightforward. You’ll be surprised by how fast we can get you up and running even with a complex data migration.

You’re buying into a fully-featured solution driven by the needs of wine importers, merchants and retailers.

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Account management and support

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