Wine industry specific SaaS

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The benefits of SaaS technology

Far fewer business compromises. The core system meets the need of a particular market sector or segment, whilst functionally specific and well-developed adjacent software and services extend the potential for solving business problems and realising value.

No versioning issues.

Improvements are applied to the provider’s servers after having gone through testing and user acceptance testing in different environments before being applied to live.

All-in costs.

Your provider worries about hosting, servers, performance, security, penetration testing/ resilience to hacking and insurance. You get on with running your business without having to worry about infrastructure and cyber risk.

Future-proofed roadmap.

Typically a small or mid-sized business can start with a basic set of options and add to them over them as growth plans take shape and requirements become more complex or ambitious.

A successful SaaS Platform reduces cost of ownership, improves availability and security, keeps you up to date with the latest version, gives you access to road-tested new features and makes the notion of software with limited lifecycles obsolete.

The benefits of sector-specific SaaS

Efficiency gains.

Selecting an industry specific solution that reflects and helps to define wine industry best practice, makes your business more efficient. That means streamlining processes rather than asking you to conform to a broad-based, one-size-fits-all, high-level principle of best practise.


Whilst it’s perfectly possible to circumnavigate hard coded work processes that broad-based principles establish, it can create elaborated workflows that become more time-consuming than they ought to be. So when a fine wine business adapts to them, it takes longer to do tasks that should be straightforward, creating a less efficient business.

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Lower cost.

There is an expense to localising software to fine wine. That’s one of the reasons why general business software provided by large players (and challenger generic SaaS ERPs) are expensive by the time value added resellers have localised the software to make it work for the fine wine market. Higher prices in this case don’t mean you’re getting more for your money.

Data and insights.

Information, rich media and insight are transforming business. Yet very few industry specific solutions include market data, and on a sufficiently detailed basis, to be able to leverage use of the information through all customer touch points and internally to drive insights and recommendations. The benefits of doing so are clear cut, with significant time savings to be gained by not having to rekey data, and the financial advantage to be gained by business owners through derived insights that present choices of what to do with different stock positions.