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Business systems (also known as ERPs)  typically share a common process and data model. ‘Everything under one roof’ became the mantra of ERP software providers.  That made sense in a pre Software as a Service (SaaS) world. It didn’t matter if the ERP accounting capability was simply good enough but not best in class.

The age of the Digital Operating Platform (DOP) is dawning, where a business operating system such as the Wine Hub connects with best-in-class functionality. For accounting we have integrated with Xero, an excellent small and medium size business accounting package that is Cloud-based.

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Features & Benefits

A wine business benefits from best-in-class accounting and industry specific inventory management that handles all the stock variations and idiosyncrasies of the wine industry.

Improves the efficiency of the business, reducing back office time and freeing up staff to be more productive.

Take the opportunity to set up your chart of accounts to reflect your business development and growth plans.

Simplicity of moving over to Xero, using programs such as Movemybooks for a pain free migration.

Seamless integration between the Wine Hub and Xero. Supports Making Tax Digital (MTD) and similar global initiatives.

Ensures current and future compliance, and reduces accounting administrative overhead.

Accounting software as a service (SaaS) opens up a world of additional integrations.

Improve efficiency of bookkeeping, financial management and business planning functions with plug-ins such as Autoentry and business forecasting tools.

Gross profit margin calculated on purchase orders, each wine entry, consolidated products  and on sales orders.

Permitting total flexibility in respect of which line of stock to add to sales orders, and managing GP margin.

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