What’s a Wine ERP and why doesn’t mine work?

6th April 2021

The world of closed ERP systems where everything is under one roof is passing and the age of the Digital Operating Platform is dawning. To shape a platform underpinned by a common data model, for a common industry operating model. It’s a philosophy that’s based on bringing together the best-in-class for every function, to facilitate collaboration across a business whether big or small.

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The Wine Tech Insiders – Going global with your wine brand

22nd March 2021

The Wine Tech Insiders discuss organic wines, UK budget announcements and common success factors to take your wine brand globally.

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Liv-ex Report – “The Wine Business of Tomorrow”

9th March 2021

In the latest Liv-ex report, experts across the industry discuss technology and the future of the wine business.

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When to move your wine business off spreadsheets to a business operating system (ERP)

4th March 2021

Why move your wine business from spreadsheets to a business operating system (ERP) in the Cloud and how to make it easy.

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The Wine Tech Insiders Podcast

23rd February 2021

The Wine Tech Insiders discuss tech topics in the Wine and Drinks industry.

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Entreprise de vins et spiritueux – est-il temps changer votre logiciel de gestion intégré?

26th January 2021

Dire adieu au logiciel de gestion intégré que vous utilisez depuis des années peut être intimidant. Vous êtes conscient de ses défauts, mais vous passez outre et avez trouvé des solutions de contournement. Même si cela est compréhensible, ne vous contentez plus d’un logiciel en fin de vie ou inadapté à vos besoins et priorisez l’amélioration systématique de votre activité, la croissance de votre chiffre d’affaires et l’efficacité de votre entreprise.

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When should you consider changing your wine business management software?

25th January 2021

It can be a bit daunting to say goodbye to a wine business management software you’ve been using for years. Whether it is close to its “end-of-life” or it is no longer adapted to your needs, making do is no substitute for prioritising systematic business improvement, top-line and bottom-line growth, and making your business more efficient.

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The changing face of fine wine retailing

28th September 2020

There was once a time in fine wine retailing when to be a wine merchant meant being a stockholder; buying and paying for stock you owned to sell or to lay down.

Today there are two retailer archetypes firmly established: low stockholders and merchants who believe in the power of stockholding.

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How 10 wine businesses went digital this summer

22nd September 2020

The independent wine industry had been gradually going digital before Covid struck; the shift in consumer behaviour that subsequently occurred to online over the last few months was striking, with the best positioned businesses experiencing high double-digit growth.  Events can act as a tipping point for long-term trends. Lockdown has been that tipping point for

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New, first of a kind, digital operating platform for the independent wine sector set to power growth

7th August 2020

The Hub provides the basis for fine wine merchants, retailers, brokers and importers to strengthen and grow their operations with a software platform capable of improving current operations and opening up new market opportunities.

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