Wine Owners and Bottlebooks come together to solve the wine data gap

27th April 2019

The business of wine is becoming increasingly data-driven. Wine businesses are having to spend more and more time on data origination, pulling together rich content like bottle shots or labels, adding in reviews and scores. That’s time-consuming for a business and turns talented staff into data clerks.

The increasing use of data and content is being driven by a number of business factors, including:

  • Importance of going digital and providing a user experience that’s engaging and informs wine purchasing decisions.
  • Desire of wine business to become more efficient and to free valuable resource from repetitive administrative activities.
  • Connectivity between sources of supply and sales and marketing channels.
  • Move towards lower working capital intensity models.
  • Need for more information, better accuracy and consistency, regulatory demands.
Wine data | Wine Owners

It’s these drivers that have led Wine Owners and Bottlebooks to form a partnership with the goal of satisfying more of the data and content distribution needs of producers, importers and merchants.

The Wine Hub by Wine Owners is a business operating platform that manages business processes, and masters stock that feeds e-commerce and other sales and marketing channels such as Wine-Searcher and Liv-ex.

Bottlebooks is the most widely used industry platform for the wine trade to collect, manage and publish product information. It has established a standardized and proven approach to exchanging rich product information globally across distribution, production and marketing.  We are also leaders in digital events technology, powering the London Wine Fair, ProWein, and top wine associations.

Nick Martin, CEO of Wine Owners, explains the rationale behind the tie-up: “Wine Owners and Bottlebooks share a common vision of a connected wine business with up-to-date producer-originated information that helps inspire consumers, sells wine, accurately represents products, and drives awareness and brand building”.

“The benefits of having high quality and well-structured product information multiply with the number of channels it can be used across,” adds Jonathan Harclerode, CEO of Bottlebooks. “The partnership of Wine Owners and Bottlebooks makes these benefits available to a large number of businesses who can devote their resources to growing their business instead of costly IT projects.”

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Jonathan Harclerode is the Founder and CEO of Bottlebooks, following a career at Accenture in the Emerging Technology and Innovation Group leading projects for international financial and products companies.

Contact details:

Jonathan Harclerode

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David Lees, COO

+351 930 470‬‬‬ 812

Wine Owners

Nick Martin is co-founder and CEO of Wine Owners, following a career in information management and technology marketing during which he worked with large brands such as Vodafone, BT, IBM, GEC and Disney.

Wine Owners provides software solutions for fine wine businesses. We serve the needs of retailers, merchants, warehouses, the on-trade and other services businesses involved in fine wine. Our solutions are used by firms of all sizes who have a common need to enhance their offering and operations.

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Nick Martin

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Clotilde Muller, Marketing Manager

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