Trading Exchange

Setting up a trading exchange in conjunction with private client reserves management gives your clients direct market access, as long as you are confident of creating sufficient liquidity to meet their expectations. Prices can be based and viewed in any major currency, with major geographical pricing databases.

The WMP can also be configured to allow your clients access to the Wine Owners’ fine wine exchange and to Liv-ex, and is the preferred option for businesses that do not have a large enough customer base to create sufficient liquidity for a marketplace to work.

The fine wine exchange has been fully operational under Wine Owners’ own brand for 10 years, has been refined based on collector feedback over time, and enables collectors to offer their wines for sale, and for buyers to bid at a level they wish to pay, or to buy now.

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As such it is characterised as a 2-way market where a buyer and seller can do one of 4 things:

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Offer for sale

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Bid to buy (for less than the offer for sale price)

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Match a bid to an offer or vice-versa

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