Omnichannel & multi-channel selling

Omnichannel & multi-channel selling | Wine Hub | Wine business management software | Wine software | Wine Inventory Management Software | Wine eCommerce

Wine Hub is the first ever wine industry-specific and multi-channel platform that enables wine businesses to grow revenues and net profit through increased market reach, wine list development, and systematic business processes.

Wine Hub can connect a merchant or retailer with market channels, thanks to a range of connectivity options that include APIs, a wholesaler import and update function, warehouse reconciliation and data export feeds.

Multi-channel selling enables concurrent listing of the same inventory on e-commerce, trading exchanges, comparative search engines such as Wine-Searcher and other channels and new platforms as the online wine market develops further.

You can decide which wine entries to sell via which channel, and differential pricing can be set up per channel to manage margin per channel.

The Hub masters your inventories and associated information (such as reviews and scores) and rich content (such as bottle shots). When a transaction occurs through one channel the stock is adjusted or removed from the others, thanks to real-time integrations and multi-channel functionality.

Configure e-commerce and POS so that stock, information and rich content is all mastered by the Hub to enable omnichannel selling – e-commerce, shop, phone and email. 

Connect with your addressable market

Sell stock through relevant channels and adjust selling prices per channel to manage margin. – All your sales channels are served by the Wine Hub. You determine what stock you wish to sell via what channela fully-featured e-commerce

Sell all types of inventory easily through a fully-featured e-commerce. – The Wine Hub is integrated with the Hub Webshop, making an otherwise complex and costly set of processes simplified and easy to manage.

Grow your customer base without increasing your marketing spend. Connect to a growing range of channels available in today’s fine wine market.


Omnichannel selling | Wine Hub | Wine business management software
Omnichannel & multi-channel selling | Wine Hub | Wine Software | Wine eCommerce | Wine Owners