KNIGHT FRANK – The Wealth Report 2019

21st October 2019

From geopolitical shifts to luxury spending trends, The Wealth Report 2019 brings together the latest intelligence and the sharpest insights into the issues that matter most to the world’s wealthy.

We have specific interest in the report’s wine investment section, of course. This section rests strongly on data from the Knight Frank Fine Wine Investment Index (KFFWII), a custom-built index created by Wine Owners for Knight Frank in 2015. This index of 200 investment-grade wines has provided Knight Frank with detailed market data for the past four Wealth Reports.

The trend towards ultra high net worth individuals to place the thickening discretionary fringe of their wealth into tangible assets has grown substantially since Lehmann in 2008. But perhaps 2017/18 was the moment in time when it became evident that this has become a long term embedded trend, and not just a response to low-yielding regulated assets.

The Knight Frank Wealth Report is arguably the most influential of its type and reflective of the behaviours of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

You can download The Wealth Report 2019 here.

Knight Frank Wealth Report