Knight Frank – Fine Wine Assets and how valuable they are.

23rd October 2020

The first quarter numbers for the Knight Frank Fine Wine Icons (KFFWII) have just been crunched. So what do they tell us?

Focusing on the fine wine market, it’s once again proved remarkably resilient through the market turmoil of the first half of 2020. This begs the perennial question of correlation. Does the blue chip fine wine market track regulated investment market or does it have a mind of its own? How do currency movements effect the secondary market? What is a sound approach to portfolio building? These are the main factors discussed in the latest update of the Knight Frank Fine Wine index (KFFWI).

fine wine as an asset class

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The Knight Frank Fine Wine Investment Index (KFFWII) is a custom-built index created by Wine Owners for Knight Frank in 2015. This index of 200 investment-grade wines has provided Knight Frank with detailed market data for the past Wealth Reports. The Knight Frank Wealth Report is arguably the most influential of its type and reflective of the behaviours of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

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