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Wine Owners announces integration between Wine Hub and Liv-ex

15th December 2022

Wine Owners is pleased to announce the full integration between The Wine Hub and Liv-ex, the global marketplace for the wine trade, creating opportunities for Gold and Black Liv-ex members to price, buy and sell more efficiently.

The Wine Hub is the only software as a service wine business management platform designed and built by the industry, for the industry, that connects retail and distribution channels with their addressable markets.

CEO Nick Martin says, ‘Our shared clients are thrilled that the Wine Hub is so deeply connected with Liv-ex, enabling them to unify market access with their inventory positions, open up more opportunities to buy and sell and manage the risk of over-selling. The Liv-ex integration establishes best working practises, improves business efficiency, and reduces time spent on admin to help unlock sales growth’.


As the global marketplace for the wine trade, Liv-ex is uniquely positioned to be both a sales channel and a source of supply. Liv-ex members can place bids to buy, offer their own stock for sale and offer their clients’ consigned stock for sale on Liv-ex directly from the Wine Hub platform.

Liv-ex CEO James Miles says, ‘Liv-ex’s mission is to make it simpler for businesses to price, buy and sell wine in the secondary market. We can deliver this to our customers faster and easier through technical partnerships with industry software providers like Wine Owners.’

Liv-ex integration with the Wine Hub is the first of several API connections scheduled for this year, which is also Wine Owners’ tenth anniversary.

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