Clubs, institutions and On-trade

The Wine Management Platform has been developed to allow private membership clubs, institutions and fine wine-centric licensed on-trade businesses to create and manage a sophisticated wine offering.

End-to-end solution

  • Ordering, tracking and landing wine
  • Cellar management and stocktaking
  • Allocating to a specific wine list, event or purpose
  • ePOS/stock management integration and reconciliation
  • Storage of member or client wines
  • Information-rich wine content for wine menus
  • Wine menu app ( tablet, mobile, website) and file print format
  • Consignment function for listing member or client wines
  • Procurement channel accessing a huge list of good provenance fine wine

“When we set about building a data rich wine list and cellar management solution, the key was selecting a provider with the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that we could deliver a turn-key, premium deliverable. That solution: Wine Owners.”

Grant Ashton

Value it brings

Substantial efficiencies and time savings can be realised through the use of the wine management platform for ordering, landing, managing, and selling wine.

The front of house team and Somms can see stock positions and available pours in real time, improving customer service.

The platform is designed to allow storage of member wines, that can be combined with billing rules and service options.

A consignment function helps to build a  wine list of sought-after wines without the cost of carry.



Demystify your entire wine list with comprehensive information on wines made accessible through the Wine Menu Marketing app – reinforcing Sommelier recommendations, giving customers the confidence to make informed decisions, and increase average values.

Print stunning hard copy wine menus at will, guaranteeing your menu is up-to-date.  

Promote your fine wine list online easily integrated into your website, with a wealth of wine information, reinforced on premise with the fine wine app and wine menus, always promoting stocked wines. Customers who spend more on wine are more profitable and recommend their friends and colleagues.

Market valuations on 350,000 enable informed pricing decisions based on current market and margin goals.

Take advantage of a peer-to-peer procurement channel for mature, ready to drink wines at best market prices, with good provenance.

Real-time stock valuation makes it straightforward to insure your stock at the correct level.

Case study: 67 Pall Mall