Advisory services

Wine-related professional services organisations demand a solution that delivers transparency, market tracking, trusted information, client access and auditability.

A complete suite of SaaS solutions delivers on the needs of family offices, wealth managers and advisory, investment, portfolio building and lending businesses.


“Alternative/ passion assets are becoming a significant part of HNW individual portfolios; Wine Owners provides a mechanism to allow you to offer a service to these clients that is a great conversation starter.”

Andy Klein
Managing Director

End-to-end solution

  • Collection management and tracking
  • Performance over time including 10 year comparative charting
  • Product definitions, data, valuations, reviews and price graphs for over 370,000 fine wines
  • Collaborative tools for sharing between client and advisor
  • Monthly valuations
  • Data-driven market Insights
  • Reporting
  • API and data integrations

Value we bring

  • A market-leading, segment-specific platform to manage your clients’ assets, with authoritative information and up to date pricing that provides total transparency of performance vs the market. Gain a competitive advantage through engendering trust.
  • Project your brand values to clients access via a customizable, white-labelled collection management platform integrated with management of core processes that engenders trust in your service.
  • Gain access to must-have information and market analysis that helps you identify opportunities, provides an independent check on your decision making and provides content in support of purchasing or selling rationales to your clients.