The Wine Management Platform (WMP)

Wine Owners operates the world’s only integrated fine wine management and information platform that can be own-branded and that is configurable to specific business requirements (referred to as WMP – Wine Management Platform).

In every case we deliver to the brand owner a world-class, wine-specific, content-driven solution for the most demanding and informed of audiences.

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Wine Owners for wine merchants, brokers and retailers

The Wine Management Platform (WMP) has been developed to enable wine merchants to serve the needs of their customers in respect of stored wine and private reserves.

Businesses are also able to use the platform for managing their own inventory-related information; to feed digital content into an e-commerce platform from an SAP-grade back office.
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Wine Owners for warehouses

The wine management platform has been developed to allow warehouses to provide a total client-facing solution for fine wine managed in their storage. They can optionally provide global market access to their storage customers via the world’s preeminent white-labelled peer-to-peer exchange dedicated to fine wine.
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Wine Owners for private members clubs

The Wine Management Platform (WMP) has been developed to allow private and membership clubs (and fine wine-centric licensed on-trade businesses) to create and manage a sophisticated fine wine offering. Whether it’s to store member wines; or advanced cellar management for licensed premises wine lists including external storage locations, or to create an interactive iPad based wine list like no other, we can help you drive value from fine wine.

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Wealth managers and private family offices

Wealth managers (including private banks, family offices and asset management groups) own-brand the Wine management platform (WMP) to give their clients who are interested in collecting wine or wine as a store of value, all the online portfolio management and trading tools they could possibly need. WMP offers a comprehensive wine management solution for high net worth clients, further deepening trusted relationships.

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