Compliance & Shipping

For USA based retailers, when selling wine over the internet, you have to worry about things like remote age verification, state and local laws you may not be familiar with, complex carrier rules and awkward tax filings.

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It’s even more important to keep up to date with interstate direct shipping rules following the landmark ruling in Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v Thomas, which establishes the principle that states cannot discriminate against out-of-state economic interests. Initially that ruling will create a flurry of State level legal activity. There’s a long way to go before more States open up to interstate shipping of alcohol but the long-term trajectory looks positive.

Compliance, shipping and tax features

US retailers who wish to sell nationally via an ecommerce such as the Hub Webshop require a technology platform to fully manage all aspects of compliance, tax filing, shipping, and client experience for online wine transactions.

That’s why we are partnering with Boxcheck by 24Seven to simplify otherwise complex processes, facilitate interstate shipping and enable you to be operationally excellent in this area.


Hub benefits

The Hub integrates with best-of-breed compliance including remote age verification , tax information and filing services.

Sales tax and applicable alcohol taxes determined by appropriate jurisdiction.

Direct shipping reporting.

Filing excise returns.

Retailer product registration.

Direct integration with shipping systems Fedex, UPS.

Option to offer personal importation where direct shipping not permitted.

Tariff options in Hub webshop’s checkout process for immediate shipping from outside of the USA or tax-free storage in region of production whilst tariffs apply.

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