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Mr Wheeler

Solutions for the wine business

Retailers, merchants, importers

Transform your business with a SaaS platform solution designed ground-up for your wine business: inventory management and stock control, purchasing, sales, customer management, workflow management – fully integrated with accounting, ecommerce and point of sale.

Wine warehouses

Comprehensive wine warehouse management system (WMS) proven to address the most demanding of logistical setups; streamlines operations, improves accuracy and optimizes storage income. Integrated online collection management attracts new business and activates clients.


See why global brands trust us

Implementing the Hub was a simple process that involved minimal effort. After discussing the requirement and doing a 1 day training workshop, I literally started selling wines through the Hub as the UI (user interface) is very user friendly, and the Wine Owners’ team was very helpful guiding me through every step of the way.”

“With the Hub API functionality the business was able to set up a web store in a very short period of time, and enabled us to expand our broking business massively by integrating inventory from our vendors.”

“The result has been beyond satisfactory as both our turnover and number of clients have grown exponentially.

Cote d’Or Fine Wines Iris Chan, Founder

We chose to work with Wine Owners as we found them to have a similar outlook to ourselves. Extremely customer focussed, and appreciative of how collection management of fine wine needs to speak to the emotions as well as to the numbers. They understand the passion and fascination of collecting as well as the importance of it as an investment class.

The whole Wine Owners’ team were very responsive to our needs, while also adding advice from their own journeys so as to guide us to the best possible solution. Due to this flexibility of approach we feel confident that this will be a long term relationship.

Octavian Vincent O’Brien, Managing Director

Our wine collector clients immediately fell in love with the look and feel of our new inventory system. I have seen a 50% increase of clients accessing their accounts via our new Nest Egg portal, and this has provided me with a great opportunity to connect with our clients. The Wine Owners team rose to the challenge and provided insightful guidance and expertise that helped shape configuration.

Western Carriers Joel Rubins, Vice President of Private Collector Services

All in all Wine Owners is a supremely capable database and software product designed with the wine operations professional in mind. The inbound process has become more streamlined yet it captures more detail using the software interface and the underlying reference database of wines. The outbound process can now be initiated by the customer without any intervention on our part. Also, the flexibility provided by the billing module gives us customization options we did not have before.

The Wine Cellarage Lars Neubohn, President

When we set about building a data rich wine list and cellar management solution, the key was selecting a provider with the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that we could deliver a turn-key, premium deliverable. That solution: Wine Owners.

67 Pall Mall Grant Ashton, Founder
We are here to help you understand how our solutions will enhance your business

How we drive your success

Software designed from the ground up exclusively for the wine industry, created as its business operating system to manage business improvements, market opportunity and growth.

“We don’t want to adapt to software –
we want it to adapt to us”

Give your business a head start

Whether you’re starting up on your own or looking to invest in your company’s future, you can rely on the new industry standard that’s affordable, works out of the box and includes a database of products, information and rich content. It’s simple to set up and helps you to realise your potential.

Make your business more efficient

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with our integrated workflow management to systemise everyday tasks, connectivity and communication with suppliers and customers.  Reduce the effort of maintaining an e-commerce channel, and let product information drive buying decisions.

Level up and grow

Level up with technology that allows you to take advantage of the many opportunities for growth whilst managing your cost base and increase net profits. Manage every type of inventory with certainty, connect your business to key sources of supply and integrate your sales and marketing channels.

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Ready to get started?

Optimised for business agility

Computer, tablet, mobile

Web app designed to respond to any screen size. Adapts to all viewports.


Huge fine wine database of 370,000+ wines and associated information.

API integrations

Integrations with best in class Cloud applications such as accounting.

Manage all stock types

Unified 360˚ view of all inventories including purchased, client and virtual.

Integrated workflow management

Systemize everyday tasks, communication with customers and suppliers.

Fully integrated e-commerce

Content rich web shop, no rekeying or additional data entry overhead.

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